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Training Providers


Jennings & Associates.

Jennings & Associates was established in 1991. 

Their method of teaching is strongly interactive, where participants are involved in tasks, discussions and projects.

Completely different to the traditional "lecture style" method.

Accreditation:  Recorded Provider


TMS (Gauteng)
TMSwas founded by Lydia Roux in 1996.


TMS fosters integrity in the workplace and has noteworthy experience serving major corporations and business leaders in Africa. ​

Accreditation:  Fully Accredited 

ETDP, Services Seta, HWSeta, LGSeta and Department of Labour.


Protrain Solutions.

Full accreditation  with the Transport Education & Training Authority (TETA) SETA – Accreditation No. TETA12-273 

Assessors and Moderators are all registered with the relevant institutions.

Learning material is updated regularly and accredited by relevant institutions.

Public liability insurance

Registered with the Department of Labour for all driven machinery and first aid courses 

Registered with Workmen’s Compensation.